Almond Toffee Petites

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All the flavor of our Traditional Almond Toffee is packed into one-inch squares using the perfect blend of fresh California almonds, sweet cream butter, and pure cane sugar, enrobed in a generous layer of rich chocolate and sprinkled with crushed almonds.

15oz Almond Toffee Petites  |  30 pieces
30oz Almond Toffee Petites  |  60 pieces
60oz Almond Toffee Petites  |  120 pieces

Toffee must be kept frozen or refrigerated.

15oz Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information30oz Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information60oz Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information
15oz Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information30oz Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information60oz Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information
15oz Milkand Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information30oz Milk and Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information60oz Milk and Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Petites Nutrition Information

116 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Laurie McMinn on 13th Apr 2024

    Almond Toffee petits m & d chocolate

    This is by far the MOST mouth watering decadent toffee l have ever savored!!

  • 5

    Posted by Laura Corwin on 28th Jan 2024

    Enstrom minis (Almond toffee petites)

    Have received Enstrom toffees every year from friends at Christmas. Previously they were whole flat pieces. This was the first year to get the Minis!!!! Yay way superior. We savored them ..... the last one was enjoyed tonight. Tastier with the chocolate all over the toffee. Yum!!

  • 5

    Posted by John on 26th Dec 2023

    The Best

    Received these as a gift...outstanding....

  • 5

    Posted by Rick and Maria Vogel on 8th Dec 2023

    Almond Toffee petites, milk and dark

    Just the BEST toffee(s) ever. My first time trying(received as a gift); I opened the box and tried one; when I looked again, 3 were gone(I was the only one home at the time) hmm,,,, These are melt in your mouth GREAT!

  • 5

    Posted by Patti Huff on 30th Oct 2023

    Quality of product

    The best Almond Toffee in the world!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Kathy on 7th Jan 2023

    Dark chocolate almond toffee petites

    I received these for a holiday gift and they were wonderful! You have to be careful with them because they are addictive and very hard to put down. Trying to limit myself to 2 per day, but I’ll also be super glad when they are gone! Especially now that the holidays are over and trying to get back to healthy eating. Recommend highly! Fresh handmade goodness!

  • 5

    Posted by Laura C. on 26th Dec 2022

    The best toffee ever!

    We received a 30oz. box of the milk chocolate almond toffee for Christmas. Wow! I've never tasted better. I will be sending some to friends and family next Christmas! Try it. You won't be sorry!

  • 5

    Posted by Carrie Guida on 21st Dec 2022

    The Best Toffee!

    My office receives Enstrom Toffee every year from our Landlord. It is the best toffee you will ever have!

  • 5

    Posted by Lu on 6th Nov 2022

    Almond toffee bars

    Best candy you could get online for that special treat

  • 5

    Posted by ERLY ALONSO on 16th Mar 2022



  • 5

    Posted by Mark W. on 5th Feb 2022

    Best Almond Toffee I’ve Ever Had!!!

    A friend and I are always exchanging goodies. It’s usually food we have cooked/baked ourselves, but last week, she gave me a box of your Almond Toffee. Oh my word, talk about delicious. This is the absolute best toffee I’ve ever eaten. It was so delicious, I ordered a bigger box (60 pieces) today. Looks like I’m going to have to add “Enstrom Toffee” to my monthly budget. I love supporting small family owned businesses too. Thank you again for making such a delicious treat.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Feb 2022


    Very tasty and fresh.

  • 5

    Posted by KLFinMO on 29th Jan 2022

    Best Toffee Ever

    We've received these toffees as a holiday gift from Corporate for two years. I've never been a fan of toffee, but these have changed my mind. They're so good. I'll be ordering these for myself instead of waiting year to year from work. Next, I must try the dark chocolate.

  • 5

    Posted by KLFinMO on 29th Jan 2022

    Best Toffee Ever

    We've received these toffees as a holiday gift from Corporate for two years. I've never been a fan of toffee, but these have changed my mind. They're so good. I'll be ordering these for myself instead of waiting year to year from work. Next, I must try the dark chocolate.

  • 5

    Posted by Heather on 27th Jan 2022


    I'm not usually a person that runs to the work kitchen when someone leaves food to share, but this had me going back twice. A coworker stopped at my desk to talk while taking a bite and said "Oh my goodness, this is life changing candy" At first, I thought she was being a bit dramatic, but she said "no, you really have to try this, I have never had a toffee so good. It is EVERYTHING. Perfect balance, texture, sweet with the tiny bit of bitterness from the dark chocolate. Please try it" So I moseyed up to the counter and took a piece on a napkin and went back to my desk. As I as finishing my morning coffee I thought I would take a bite to give it a try. MY EYES ROLLED INTO THE BACK OF MY HEAD! She was right, it was so delicious. The toffee is so light and breaks crisp and doesn't get stuck into the back of your molars. It is the perfect balance with the dark chocolate. We immediately started a teams chat and made plans to meet back in the kitchen at 3:00 to snag another piece. We tried to downplay how delicious they were, in hopes that other coworkers would pass and there would be more left for us. Sadly, the box was gone quickly. It was brought in from a coworker in his travels, so we went to your website and have saved it. Definitely a great gift for friends, coworkers or yourself. I will be dreaming of this little delight until a box is in front of me again. And maybe, just maybe, I will consider sharing.

  • 5

    Posted by Linda B on 6th Jan 2022

    Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee

    Came across a sample of your delicious toffee and can't stop thinking about it. Really want to share it with my favorite people. My mouth is seriously watering just thinking about it. Please tell me how I can get some. Thank you??

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2022

    I lived in Grand Junction for two years

    I found out about Enstroms from wandering around town. What a wonderful candy store, the staff is so kind and the candies are extraordinary. You can sit and watch the staff make their almond toffee right there at the store downtown. I was in their store for Easter and they have so many choices of candies and eggs I must have spent a hour in there. A great place for anyone with a sweet tooth.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2021


    We have been receiving this for Christmas gift for a few years and look forward to it every year. Love it so much I am gifting myself this year in addition to the one we receive

  • 5

    Posted by Linda on 14th Nov 2021


    I lived in Grand Junction,Co for 45 years and when anyone asks me what I miss the most my answer is Enstroms Almond Toffee .It is the best made. When my son was in the military he wanted me to send him some. I did and the next thing I knew I got a check to send about 10 orders for it. To his buddies that he shared it with.

  • 5

    Posted by Debbie C on 20th Oct 2021


    I just received a box of the Milk Chocolate Petites for my birthday! What a fantastic gift it has been! I am trying not to eat more than two a day, but that demands a lot of self-control! I love the buttery, crunch, yummy taste and texture! Not gooey, sticky, or too hard! Just perfect! I loved reading your story! No wonder this toffee is so wonderful! What a legacy!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Oct 2021


    Whatever you do, don't buy a small box!

  • 5

    Posted by Paul Pulte on 1st Oct 2021

    Paul Pulte

    Don't look any further, this is the best Toffee hands down in the US

  • 5

    Posted by Richard Beebe on 26th Feb 2021

    Fantastically Delicious!

    WOW My brother and his wife sent us a box this past Christmas and it was incredible. I can't have too much sugar and it was really hard to ration it out and not just eat it all at once. Made our day every day for quite awhile. Keep up the great work at Enstrom!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Feb 2021

    Look forward each year to this gift

    My sister-in-law, who lives in Colorado, sends us a box of this every Christmas!! Yummy and addictive.

  • 5

    Posted by Freewheelin on 27th Jan 2021


    Do not buy or you will be addicted to this amazing Toffee for the rest of your life. A second job may be needed to support the habit.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jan 2021


    Received as a gift! Perfection!

  • 5

    Posted by MJ on 6th Jan 2021


    Unbelievably perfect blend of chocolate with thick and delicious toffee.

  • 5

    Posted by The Doctor on 5th Jan 2021


    I was given this candy as a Christmas gift. It is by far the best candy I've ever eaten. It is almost literally addictive! It takes great restraint not to eat the whole box at one time!

  • 5

    Posted by Paula K on 2nd Jan 2021

    Great almond toffee!!!!!!!

    I got my first box of almond toffee milk chocolate from QVC. Let me tell you its FANTASTIC!!!! Never tasted anything like it. Wish i could reorder from qvc again but will be looking for it next time. Maybe for Easter... I hope!!

  • 5

    Posted by Nadia on 31st Dec 2020


    Received this as a gift and devoured it in 3 days! Now I am buying more for myself!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2020

    Best alm0nd toffee ever

    I received this as a Christmas gift. I love almond toffee. This is the best that I have ever had. I will be buying it for myself in the future. I thanked our friends that sent it. It is so wonderful. I was skeptical when it said to keep in the fridge but it has done great. This toffee is incredible!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Dec 2020



  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2020


    Just got a box as a Christmas gift. Absolutely wonderful. First time I’ve had this brand.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2020

    Been receiving this since the 60's

    My grandparents were married in Grand Junction (Grandfather worked for the railroad) .and lived there all but a few years of their lives together. For as many years as I can remember, the families of their grown children received a box of the wonderful Toffee. As their grandchildren became grown adults, we all received a box. After my grandparents passed and we moved several times, i had forgotten the name of the company. Luckily after we obtained the services of a financial advisor we received a box from him at Christmas. It turns out he orders a box every year for his clients. I am so happy to be able to order them for my friends and family. My children are the 3 rd generation to be introduced to Enstrom's and my grown grandchildren the 4th. :-) Bt the way, my grandparents lived on White Ave in Grand Juncttion which I believe is close to the factory/

  • 5

    Posted by T.W. on 16th Dec 2020


    Best Toffee ever!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by K. Reese on 13th Dec 2020

    Soooooo Good!

    After watching your history of your company, I am astonished! You told it exactly like it happened to me. After seeing your ad in my email several years ago, I thought I would give your toffee a try! WOW! What a surprise! Nothing has ever tasted this good! But, not known to family felt the same way. When I did not give a toffee gift this past year...they were certain to tell me he much they look forward to it at Christmastime. Sooooo......I have just placed my order for this year. A small, but appreciated one. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNFORGETABLE PRODUCT. WE WILL CERTAINLY ENJOY IT!

  • 5

    Posted by Karen on 12th Dec 2020

    A Christmas treat for over 50 years!

    My family was first gifted this toffee by our neighbor in the 1960's as a Christmas gift, and we've had it for as almost every Christmas since then. It's great, and brings back memories. The quality is fantastic and you always know it's going to be great. My sister just sent me a box in Florida. Great toffee and great memories!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2020

    Fabulous Toffee!!!!

    Many years ago, probably 25 or more, while visiting a Grand Junction, Colorado hotel we were given a sample box of your toffee. It was the BEST toffee I had ever eaten! I never forgot how wonderful it was! All these years later I happened to run across your website and ordered some online. I thought it probably wouldn't be as good as I remembered but it was! I've tried many kinds of toffee in the past but none compares to yours. It is really special! A bit pricey, but for good quality, you get what you pay for. Well worth every penny!!!

  • 5

    Posted by CHARLES COLYER on 3rd Dec 2020


    The most amazing Toffee in the world. The peppermint bark is to die for. I use Enstrom for year round gifts. And always some for myself. Thank you Enstroms for making our lives a whole lot sweet. Charles

  • 5

    Posted by Rodan on 23rd Nov 2020

    Best Toffee I Ever Had

    I've had so many different types of toffee, but this is literally THE BEST!!! It is so addicting, I have to buy this and then have my husband hide it or I end up eating it all myself it's that good. I've bought this for gifts (love the petit sized for gift giving), all of it is superb quality and amazing flavor, wonderful texture. Cannot rave about this enough. If you love almond toffee, you will not have any better in my opinion.

  • 5

    Posted by Sylvia Everett on 21st Nov 2020


    My husband would receive these annually from a client around the holidays. They became such my favorite that I would sneak the box out of the mail and eat it ALL myself. Best I've ever eaten and I've made quite a few batches of my own and never gotten close. YUMMMMMMM

  • 5

    Posted by Margaret on 11th Oct 2020

    So so good!

    My sister gave me the dark chocolate almond toffee. It is so buttery, not to hard, most delicious candy that I have had. If you’ve no tried this please do. You won’t be sorry! It’s so so good!

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff on 14th Sep 2020


    I received a 30oz container of these amazing morsels of heaven and... I. AM. HOOKED! I live in Hawaii and I can't find them locally but OMG! They're worth every penny.

  • 5

    Posted by kim on 1st Mar 2020


    im going to give myself diabetes, I cant stop, so good!

  • 5

    Posted by Celeste on 24th Jan 2020

    Unbelievably wonderful!

    I am a sucker for any type of toffee covered with chocolate. It must be good chocolate and the toffee shouldn't be too chewy or stick to my teeth. Well let me tell you, this is the best I have ever tasted in my nearly 62 years on this earth! I have found the 'PERFECT' chocolate covered toffee. I am in heaven!!

  • 5

    Posted by Debbie Meyers on 26th Dec 2019

    Best Toffee Ever

    My grandmother brought home Enstrom's Toffee back in the early 1960's for Christimas every year and we have been enjoying it ever since. I no longer live in Grand Junction, but I do purchase this and my sister sends it to me for gifts. One of my favorite things ever. I cannot recommend this highly enough. I wish you could sell this here in Mississippi, but it probably would not taste the same. I love the petites, they are perfect in size and the taste is heavenly.

  • 5

    Posted by TheBestDogMom on 22nd Dec 2019

    OMG this stuff is amazing!

    Our neighbors gave us a box of this for a gift the other day. It is by far one of the best chocolate treats I’ve ever had. They are so delicious!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Dec 2019

    Simply delicious

    I received my first box of Enstrom Almond Toffee Petites Milk & Dark Chocolate about three years ago and just like a bottle of fine wine that gets better with time. Each time I was given the box of Almond Toffee it just keeps getting better. Simply delicious, always fresh, perfectly sweet. I can't stop smiling from the pure enjoyment of each piece. Thank you for such deliciousness!

  • 5

    Posted by Laura Bell on 10th Dec 2019


    I have the pleasure of receiving your almond Toffee every year from a customer! (we have to share however -darn it) I LOVE toffee and this is BY FAR the best I have ever had! SO good.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Oct 2019


    This is the best I have ever had. I get it every year, about now, for the holidays. This is the first year I got the combo of milk and dark chocolates. Was kinda upset there was so many more dark chocolate than milk, but the darks not that bitter chocolate.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Oct 2019


    This is the best I have ever had. I get it every year, about now, for the holidays. This is the first year I got the combo of milk and dark chocolates. Was kinda upset there was so many more dark chocolate than milk, but the darks not that bitter chocolate.

  • 5

    Posted by Natalie Angelo on 11th Oct 2019


    I just love all your candies they are truely a decadent treat , smooth creamy delish chocolate and those almonds are wonderful not ever disappointed thank you

  • 2

    Posted by Gloria on 24th Feb 2019

    Not the same

    I just received my box of 1” chocolate covered toffee squares I was disappointed with the flavor of the chocolate no where as yummy as the ones that come individually wrapped not smooth or sweet even the toffee doesn’t have that wow factor I won’t buy these again but I will buy the bags os individually wrapped ones they are addicitive

  • 5

    Posted by Tassie T on 11th Feb 2019


    I received the dark chocolate toffee bites as a gift. They were delicious!!! Oh my gosh - wow!! I am not a a big candy lover but I cannot stop thinking about that incredible toffee! So I’m here to buy another box!

  • 5

    Posted by Trisha on 29th Jan 2019


    I got a combo box for my birthday and thought ehhhh until I tasted them..... Best candy ever ever ever and I'm a real sweet tooth.... They are to be savored and eaten slowly to really enjoy the flavor. I'm about to buy another box now!

  • 5

    Posted by Jennifer S. on 5th Jan 2019

    Best. Toffee. Ever.

    Oh my goodness, you make the best toffee ever. We received a box as a gift and even though we are usually not huge toffee people, we straight up LOVED it! Your toffee was our go to treat all holiday! Thank you for all sharing your hard work and obvious passion with all of us. We will be ordering more for sure. Thank you! :)

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2018

    great full staff member

    love at first taste we have all been on line trying to find out how to get more delicious 1st ingredient butter first flavor you experience butter. there are no words. other than need more . Need my own.

  • 5

    Posted by COURTNEY ZEIGLER on 20th Dec 2018


    This chocolate toffee candy is so GOOD! I ate one piece & it was like I was hypnotized by it's goodness!! I was on a goose hunt to find the name of this chocolate almond toffee. I am amazed. I love chocolate but this is by far the best I have ever eaten in my 37 yrs!! ~GREAT TOFFEE CANDY~

  • 5

    Posted by Mary Wade on 20th Dec 2018

    Best Toffee in the World

    I receive this toffee as a gift from a vendor. I look forward to it every year and have to restrain myself from asking if I will be receiving it again :) It is a perfect recipe, never change!

  • 5

    Posted by Wayne on 19th Dec 2018

    Just tried them for the first time

    If you have no self control, you'll find yourself burning through these. Best Toffee I've eaten in years, so good. I'm betting I polished off a pound of it in one sitting. The office folks have been coming to my office as well to take the rest as they can get them.

  • 5

    Posted by Gwen on 18th Dec 2018

    Very good.

    I just tried the dark chocoloate almond toffee. Very, very good.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Dec 2018

    Absolutely Incredible

    Wow. The dark chocolate covered toffee minis are amazing. It has the perfect texture, its not too hard, not too soft.. very hard to eat just one!!

  • 5

    Posted by Janine R Price on 27th Nov 2018


    This is the absolute best TOFFEE ever! I lived in GJ for 7 years and went to Enstrom many, many times. Now we gift this mouth-watering delicacy to family, friends and to ourselves. Can't wait to get some!!

  • 5

    Posted by Linda Pinkerton on 17th Apr 2018


    I lived in Grd Jct for 45 years and my favorite place to shop was Enstroms. Best Almond toffee I have ever had. I sent some to my son when he was in the military,as he really missed having it around to munch on. I got all these requests for it from all over the base after Don Jr shared it. I called Enstroms and they were kind enough to send a bunch of order blanks to the guys.

  • 5

    Posted by daiglearuth on 29th Mar 2018


    I used to live in Grand Junction, Colorado. I fell in love with Entrom’s Toffee there. I have tasted toffee from all over the United States. This is the BEST ENGLISH TOFFEE! This toffee even tastes better than my grandmothers. (Which is saying a lot!) This is the ONLY toffee I order! If you want the taste the BEST English Toffee, order here. You will NEVER regret it!

  • 5

    Posted by Jo Stow on 28th Feb 2018


    This is the most amazing, delicious confection I have ever tasted in my entire life! Wonderful, complex flavor. The perfect ending to the day! I received this as a gift and had to search for it on the internet, as I had never seen or tasted it before. All I can say is, this stuff is heavenly!

  • 5

    Posted by Krystyna Marini on 4th Feb 2018


    When you discover bliss it’s inescapable! My favorite Almond Toffee Petites are decadent in velvet texture to the pallet. I just love them cold or room temperature, the only thing I hate is an empty box.

  • 5

    Posted by The Lovings on 21st Jan 2018

    We Found Chocolate Toffee Heaven in a box!

    Little did I know - this orange box of goodness we received from very special people in Colorado would be MY favorite go-to when I want the best treat in the house! There’s no way to explain the thick buttery crunch of these delicious bites of goodness ! I’m just thankful some of my family members think they don’t like toffee (hahaha!) I encourages them to try it, but they aren’t interested - so they have NO idea what they’re missing out on, and what they’ve left for me to savor (they aren’t even hidden away) ... but I’m not complaining. I tried. :) Best toffee/chocolate/almond combo ever (and I’m a southern girl!)

  • 5

    Posted by Joane on 7th Jan 2018

    Buttery Delight!

    My daughter surprised me and had a box delivered to me at work. She told me that her co-workers father sent his daughter some and she was able to try it. She explained it was the best toffee she had ever had , so she wanted her mother (me) to taste it! She was right, it's divine! The toffee is so buttery tasting. It is absolutely delicious. And yes, it's the best I've ever tasted as well! :)

  • 5

    Posted by Mike M. on 29th Dec 2017

    Highest quality

    Absolutely delicious toffee. Perfect balance of toffee and chocolate!

  • 5

    Posted by Cinthia Martinez on 28th Dec 2017

    Omg so delicious

    You should buy this amazing chocolate for yourself or for a gift it tastes amazing ... ;) have a wonderful day

  • 5

    Posted by Sue on 12th Nov 2017

    OMG so delicious!

    I just received a sample of this incredible toffee in a subscription box. It was amazing. I will definitely be ordering for the holidays!

  • 5

    Posted by Candy CherGal on 22nd Jan 2017

    Absolutely Delightful

    Our office received a container at the Holidays. It was absolutely the best I have had. The toffee was not too hard to bite into, the chocolate coating was just enough without being over powering. What a wonderful, yummy candy.

  • 5

    Posted by thatman55 on 13th Nov 2016

    Howza'bout Them Jars?

    Last Xmas was extra sweet here in the St.Louis area because Costco had plastic jars of your Petite's in stock. Having been born & raised G.J., I really missed the worlds best toffee. I usually stop by to stock up on my way through for my holidays in Utah (a trip I won't be able take this year either). So; hopefully, this year you'll make another Costco production run for us lonely ex-pats stranded way out here at the 'East Pole' in MO. (P.S. Love your outlet located by Fruita I-70 interchange)

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2016

    MS MBW

    I have ordered from you before, and will do so again. Great toffee!

  • 5

    Posted by CATHERINE JOHNSON on 3rd Mar 2016

    OMG!! Melts in your mouth!!

    This is the best toffee I've ever had!!! Love it and spreading the love to others as gifts!

  • 5

    Posted by Terry on 23rd Jan 2016


    We received a box this past Christmas, as a gift. We've been hoarding and stretching out the toffees ever since. We'll be ordering more, very soon. We can't imagine being totally without Enstrom toffees, ever.

  • 5

    Posted by JD on 4th Jan 2016

    So good, I don't want to share!

    I received two boxes of your toffee from two different vendors this holiday season. Typically, I share my gifts with co-workers, but not my toffee! Your toffee is hands-down, the best I've ever had. Enstrom toffee is my new go-to business gift!

  • 5

    Posted by Deborah Burke on 28th Dec 2015


    We got a box of Petit Almond Toffee (milk chocolate) from my husband's boss for Xmas. I'm a dark chocolate girl, but MAN... these are awesome! I can't even imagine how incredible they might be in the dark chocolate. So hard to just eat one. Perfection in a small bite. Kudos!!

  • 5

    Posted by Joyce on 22nd Dec 2015

    Best Toffees Ever

    We received the almond toffee petites for Christmas last year from a business vendor. Oh my...they are mouth watering delicious. I added the website to my favorites list and made sure I ordered some to send for Christmas gifts this year to family members. Everyone loves these. Thank you for making one of my favorite candies to perfection!

  • 5

    Posted by OMAR KADER on 9th Jun 2015

    Milk Chocolate Toffee Bar

    If you can get the milk chocolate toffee bar you are darned lucky because it is the best. I sure wish it was available.

  • 5

    Posted by Anna on 31st Mar 2015

    The Best

    My entire family loves you Almond Toffee. It comes fresh, and taste great!

  • 5

    Posted by DONALD LOLLAR on 1st Mar 2015


    Oh Yummie, The best that's all that needs to be said

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Feb 2015

    Tantilizes our tastebuds

    Absolutely the best chocolates in the world! Have been sending them as "Special Gifts" to ones who deserve only "the best!" for many yrs now-And will continue to do so. Thank-you for updating my info as well.

  • 5

    Posted by Dreaming about Enstrom's toffee on 6th Feb 2015

    The hands down best!!!

    On the 1-5 scale I've got to give it a 100!!! This is absolutely the best toffee I've had in my live and I've had a lot...fancy myself an expert on good toffee!!

  • 5

    Posted by Marcia on 2nd Feb 2015

    Wonderful surprise gift for my birthday!

    My friend took me to a restaurant here in The Woodlands, Texas called Bonefish. Instead of giving a piece of cake as a birthday gift, they gave me a small box of the awesome almond toffee for their birthday gift. What a "sweet" surprise!!

  • 5

    Posted by From still smiling from the goodness on 21st Dec 2014

    Absoulutely the Best

    We received this almond petite toffee as a Christmas gift. It is the Best I have ever had. I don't know how anyone can make it last. Between my husband and myself it was so short lived, we can't just have a couple.

  • 5

    Posted by Smilin' Ed on 20th Dec 2014

    Diet Breaker

    Forget about any promise you made to yourself and JUST INDULGE. This IS as good as it gets!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2014


    These Petite Almond Toffee are the best I have ever had. I can't stop eating them.

  • 5

    Posted by CLAUDIA C. CORTINAS on 18th Dec 2014



  • 5

    Posted by Judith on 16th Dec 2014

    Most requested gift

    The first time I ordered the Almond toffee I hide it in the freezer so my family could not find it:-). It lasted me 2 months. Do I feel guilty...NO. I have sent the Almond toffee to family and friends and they say it is the best toffee they have ever had! So this year I am sending the Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee to everyone for Christmas.

  • 5

    Posted by Jane Tracy on 15th Dec 2014

    Eaten/given for over 30 years and still the best.

    There is no other toffee that I've ever eaten that is better than this. Wanted a combination for son-in-law (likes dark) and daughter (likes milk) and you provide that as a combo present. Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2014

    The best!

    Our company sends these to us (employees) and clients during the Christmas holidays. They never last long enough!! Simply the best candy ever!!!

  • 5

    Posted by KATHERINE VULTAGGIO on 7th Dec 2014

    Heavenly - A Foodie Favorite

    I tasted this sublime treat at the Washington DC Food and Entertaining show. I am so glad I did! It's become a yearly tradition to share the delicious love with my family at Christmas. I am very picky when it comes to chocolate (think designer chocolates, Godiva, See's) Highly recommend!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Nov 2014


    I was impressed beyond words when I took the first bite of this most fabulous toffee. Alas, the contents vanished with abandon and suddenly, I found only 1 small piece, just waiting to be devoured. That last morsel slowly dissolved in my mouth and I even licked the paper liner! Finally, a few heavy tears rolled down my cheek and I knew we would meet again!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2014

    Amazing Toffee!!

    Thank you so much for supporting our troops by shipping free to APO addresses!! I sent my boyfriend a box several times while he was deployed. It's his favorite treat and he always looked forward to getting his box of toffee! :)

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa on 29th Oct 2014


    We order this for our clients every year and they all LOVE it and call to make sure they stay on our gift list. :)

  • 5

    Posted by N Hull on 20th Oct 2014

    Thanks Uncle David!

    My Uncle David introduced us to this amazing company and now it is a Christmas tradition to have Enstrom candy to complete the festivities.

  • 5

    Posted by Dk Gray on 8th Oct 2014

    almond toffee

    Scrumptious chocolate with the perfect combination of crunchy almonds and creamy mouth-watering caramel simply melt in your mouth for a reach for another piece feeling!

  • 5

    Posted by CThomas on 5th Oct 2014

    Best EVER

    These are the BEST toffees I have ever put in my mouth!! Nothing in Belgium or other countries are as good.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2014

    And I don't like toffee....

    My husband hides the box in the freezer, doesn't tell me for weeks, because he knows, once I crack that box....crumbs only in 2 weeks. Enstroms toffee is deadly good.

  • 5

    Posted by TexasMom on 14th Mar 2014

    Dangerously Good

    Sooo good. Freeze part of the 4 lb. box to protect myself from overindulgence. I pack pieces to work to share, an act of sacrifice. Enstrom candies deserve every accolade presented. Enjoy . . . carefully. But you will definitely enjoy.

  • 5

    Posted by Almond Toffee on 23rd Feb 2014


    Received a box of your Almond Toffee for Valentine's Day. The first time I have tasted it and WOW, the best ever. No wonder you have been in business since 1919.

  • 5

    Posted by PAT FRINAK on 2nd Jan 2014



  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2014

    Delightfully crunchy dark bitterness

    Remove 2 to 4 pieces and put the box back in a dark, cool place. Then take your first bite. The small pieces allow you to control the heavenly calories you consume, but only if you put the box away before you take any bites!

  • 5

    Posted by GAYLE MORRIS on 31st Oct 2013

    Forget milk chocolate

    With the dark chocolate, it simply doesn't get any better than this!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Dec 2012

    Loved them - perfect wedding favors

    We ordered these toffee petites for our wedding favors (placed 2 mini-squares in each box) and our guests couldn't get enough! The toffee is smooth like butter - chocolate heaven. :-)

  • 5

    Posted by BARBARA KERN on 11th Jul 2012

    I love Enstrom's taffy!

    I have received this and liked it so much, that I continue to send it for gifts to dear ones.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Feb 2012


    so good .

  • 5

    Posted by GWENDOLYN FOLMAR on 21st Jan 2012

    Best Toffees Ever!

    I received the milk & dark chocolate toffee petites for a Christmas gift and they were absolutely the best toffees I've ever tasted! The milk chocolate was to die for & my favorite!

  • 5

    Posted by CAROL PETERSON on 21st Dec 2011

    Fantastic Almond Toffee Petites

    We received a 2 lb box for Xmas from our brother and sister-in-law and they were greatly enjoyed by all of us who partook! Thus, we need another box and it isn't even Christmas yet!

  • 5

    Posted by JULIA WEICH on 4th Dec 2011


    I buy these for my husband every year for Christmas and he loves them. They are truly one of his favorite gifts!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Oct 2011


    These are wonderful! We've been ordering Enstrom's toffee for years, usually as a gift. Delicious!

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2010

    Tastebud Delight

    We have enjoyed this most unique and delicious almond recipe. After receiving it as a gift, we have ordered for ourselves and others to their delight! Recommend it highly.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2010

    a really special treat

    mouth watering delicacy. I drool just looking at the wrapped toffee in anticipation of a special treat.

  • 5

    Posted by DEBRA TALBOT on 13th Oct 2010

    Almond Toffee

    Excellent product!

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