Enstrom Moments

Since day one, our customers, friends, and families have shared their Enstrom Candies

moments with us. We’re incredibly thankful for our loyal customers and the amazing memories they’ve

made with our candy. These traditions hold a special place in our hearts that’s hard to put into words.

To honor these cherished moments, we’re excited to share

a few of our favorite stories with you.

I received a box of Toffee as a Christmas thank you from our real estate agent and boy, did the memories of growing up in Grand Junction come flooding back! My father, George Bosma, was a dentist in Grand Junction from the early 1950’s to 1968. Each year at Christmas someone would give him a box of Enstrom Toffee and mom and dad would sparingly break off small bites for each of us four kids. I’m reluctantly sharing my box this year since it’s truly as delicious as I remembered. Congratulations on 4 generations of candy making.

  • Jane Bosma Phipps {2021}

Back in 1992 during the Christmas season, my friend gave me a box of Enstrom toffee, which I was so excited to get. I put the box in my bedroom on my end table. The next day I came home to wrapping paper scattered and the toffee box empty on my bedroom floor. To my dismay, our pot belly pig had sniffed out the box, tore it open and ate the whole pound! He had such a belly ache he did not move for two days! Alas, I learned to keep it up, not from the kids, but our pig! 

  • Linda Beckett {2018}

The first time I bought a box the family finished it in one day. So I bought a second box only to have everyone monitoring who was eating more than their share. After that, the tradition began and continues 26 years later with everyone receiving their own box with their name in Sharpie ink on the box.

  • Ramona Corvin-Brown {2017}

My dear, sweet, departed Mom was deeply stricken with dementia. Her smiles were all but gone. She had even lost her love for chocolate. I brought home a box of Enstrom Milk Chocolate Toffee that was a gift to me from a client. I convinced her to try it and Oh My Gosh!!! She LOVED it and got the biggest smile. It was precious! I wish I had a picture of that smile but I do have the best memory.

  • Cynthia Madison {2019}

Enstrom’s toffee is my dad. He sent it to family at Christmas and business associates as a thank you.

My mom passed in 2010. As my dad began to decline I took over managing his affairs part time. While his memory suffered he remembered me at Christmas time. To the left is a picture of the note he sent with the last delivery of Enstrom’s I received from him before I took over managing his life full time.

Six years later he is still hanging in there. I continue to manage his life long distance. On hard days I read this note to remind me of the man who raised me. The kind, loving dad who at Christmas sent me a reminder of his love.

This year we continue my dad’s tradition by giving Enstrom’s to our colleagues and my dad’s care team.

  • Roseanne Giurado {2012}

For decades I have sent Enstrom’s toffee to my Aunt Betty Eubank in Lee’s Summit, Missouri for her birthdays.   I tried hard to mail it so it would arrive on her special day.  She was always thrilled with her treasure.

A few years ago I accidentally sent it too late for her birthday party. She called me and was ecstatic-she didn’t have to share it since it was late. This year the toffee accidentally arrived on her 93rd birthday. She promptly called me to say, "I’m making no bones about it. I’m NOT going to share my goldmine. I’ll put it in the freezer and give myself two pieces a day. But, do you think it’s all right for me to have 3 pieces today since I’m 93 today?”

YES, Aunt Betty, have 3 pieces today and do not share the rest!

Thank you, Enstrom’s Toffee folks, for helping Aunt Betty enjoy her birthdays!

  • Adelaide E. Currier {2024}

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